Girls 15

1G15 Caboto Strikers Blue 200513120161144736
2G15 Belle River FC14102262214132
3G15 LaSalle Stompers1473444192524
4G15 Tecumseh1541102452-2813
5G15 Caboto All-Star1532101947-2811
6G15 Amherstburg Fusion1522111673-578

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1Ainsley ROCHELEAUG15 LaSalle Stompers15
2Aliyah HUGGINSG15 Belle River FC15
3Jordan BERSUKG15 Belle River FC15
4Alessia OLIVITOG15 Caboto Strikers Blue 200513
5Ava SIROLAG15 Caboto Strikers Blue 200512
6Kayley RATHWELLG15 Tecumseh8
7Lauren FITZPATRICKG15 Caboto Strikers Blue 20058
8Hayley ST. DENISG15 LaSalle Stompers7
9Samantha ConnellG15 Amherstburg Fusion7
10Alessia MUGLIAG15 LaSalle Stompers6

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Erica BATTAGELLOG15 Caboto Strikers Blue 20058
2Sophia BOUCASG15 LaSalle Stompers6
3Jada YALDOG15 Tecumseh3
4Jordan INGHAMG15 Belle River FC2
5Airika NATYSHAKG15 Belle River FC1
6Gillian SIBLEYG15 Belle River FC1

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Playoff - Boys 13
Leamington3 - 2 Belle River

Playoff - Boys 17
Croatia032 - 4 CabotoCeltic
Leamington2 - 3 Hellenic

Playoff - Girls 13
CabotoRyls0 - 1 BelleRiverFC

Playoff - Girls 14
CabotoGold1 - 0 Belle River

Playoff- Girls 16/17
CabotoBD1 - 0 CabotoLn

Senior Men Premier
Leamington3 - 3 Croatia
Ciociaro3 - 3 WSCFury


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