UPDATE - Insurance Coverage for Virtual Training


Bulletin #:I2020-039

Date:Apr. 22, 2020

To:Ontario Soccer; District Membership,Associate Members,ORA

CC:Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:Patty Forbes, Director, Administration

Subject: Virtual Training Insurance Coverage (Updated)

Ontario Soccer has received updated information from HUB International as it relates to Districts, Clubs and Academies delivering Virtual Strength and Conditioning and Physical Technical Training. Ontario Soccer has updated the I2020-036 bulletin and provided the new information below on the specific types of training and training providers.


Ontario Soccer, in consultation with our insurance provider HUB International, have been monitoring the most recent developments with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact this public health crisis is having on soccer activities.

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have temporarily halted soccer, it has not stopped our Districts, Clubs and Academies across Ontario from delivering the sport to their stakeholders online, while adhering to Public Health and Government directives.

During this unprecedented time, while we continue to support our Districts, Clubs and Academies delivering Virtual Strength and Conditioning and Physical Technical Training, Ontario Soccer must also insure our members are compliant with the policies and procedures regarding registration and insurance coverage.

The following further describes the different components of Virtual Training being provided through our clubs:

Virtual Training Content: The main focus is on individual skill development activities around technique and passing skills.These exercises are identical to the ones that would happen in any given “normal” team practice session.

From a risk perspective, because they are typically only focused on the individual player, the injury possibility with two players colliding, banging heads, etc., is reduced. In that sense it should actually be safer than a regular sanctioned soccer practice.

The downside may be that as the coach is not physically present to ensure that the playing environment is safe for the activity. We would expect parents supervise this activity. All participants engaged in this training must be registered in our registration registry, OSCAR.

Virtual Training Content II: Especially in the realm of fitness, strength and conditioning training, various Clubs are often using licensed 3rd party providers already to assist with the training. The same providers may now continue to offer virtual sessions and/or their curriculum may be used by the respective team’s coaching staff to keep working on these types of activities. This would be a natural extension of sanctioned soccer.

Virtual Training Providers: The communication would come from the team’s coaching staff or the Club’s lead technical staff and is shared privately with the respective team members in question. Clubs either knowingly or intuitively already seem to have realized that this type of training ought to only be conducted in the private realm of one team at a time with the duly registered members of that team. All coaches must be registered in our registration registry, OSCAR.

Please be advised insurance coverage will only be provided to participants registered and in good standing with Ontario Soccer. Any person providing training must also be registered. This includes but is not limited to coaches, instructors, and assessors. Any person participating in virtual training must be registered. This includes but is not limited to players and match officials. Those individuals not registered with Ontario Soccer will not be eligible for insurance coverage.

Ontario Soccer appreciates your patience and understanding as we navigate through this challenging time. For additional information on Ontario Soccer’s Insurance Program, visit Ontario Soccer’s Insurance Page.

For information or further questions regarding the Virtual Training Insurance Coverage, please contact Patty Forbes, Director, Administration.

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