Reminder to register participants for Outdoor and Indoor Seasons 2020-2021


Bulletin #:I2020-084

Date:Aug. 11, 2020

To:Ontario Soccer; District Membership, ORA, Associate Members

CC:Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:Reminder to register participants for Outdoor and Indoor Seasons 2020-2021

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and the Government of Ontario, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the resulting public health crisis and Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Plan.

Following the announcement by the Government of Ontario that all Ontario Public Health Units have entered Stage 3 of the Economic Recovery Plan, all Clubs and Academies can now move into Phase 2 of Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play plan.

After completing the Return to Play protocols, Clubs and Academies can take advantage of the opportunity for Enhanced Training and Modified games, which are detailed in the Return to Play Guide.

Ontario Soccer is reminding and encouraging Districts, Clubs and Academies to continue, or commence, registering their members into OSCAR, Ontario Soccer’s official registry, as part of the Return to Play directives. This ensures our member organizations have proper insurance coverage and access to Ontario Soccer member services.

Please be advised insurance coverage and sanctioning of events and activities will only be provided to participants registered in OSCAR with Ontario Soccer. Any person participating or providing training must also be registered. This includes but is not limited to coaches, instructors, assessors, players and match officials. Those individuals not registered with Ontario Soccer will not be eligible for insurance coverage.

For further information, please refer to the latest bulletins on the COVID-19 Updates page, which have the latest information from Ontario Soccer, as well as resources for your members. Please consider placing a dedicated link to the COVID-19 Updates on the homepage on your website.

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If you have any questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director of Administration.

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