Updates of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #10


Bulletin #:I2020-123

Date:Nov. 24, 2020

To:Ontario Soccer District Membership, ORA and Associate Members

CC:Ontario Soccer Board of Directors, Staff

From:Johnny Misley, Chief Executive Officer

Subject:Updates of COVID-19; Return to Play and FAQ #10

Ontario Soccer, in consultation with Canada Soccer and the Government of Ontario, continues to monitor the most recent developments surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the resulting public health crisis and Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Plan.

Ontario Soccer has received additional questions from membership, since the first COVID-19 frequently asked questions (FAQ) was released on March 16, 2020. This was followed by FAQ #2 on March 23, 2020, FAQ #3 on April 3, FAQ #4 on May 12, FAQ #5 on June 16, FAQ #6 on July 6, FAQ #7 on July 28, FAQ #8 on Sept. 2 and FAQ #9 on Sept. 29.

Ontario Soccer has prepared the following additional FAQ #10 in response to the recent Government of Ontario Framework changes and the impact on the Ontario Soccer Return to Play Guide and Plan.

This FAQ has a specific focus on those questions relevant to the Ontario Soccer’s Return to Play Guide and Plan changes.

Can a team participate in competition against any other Club or Academy?

Yes. Under the new Government Framework, there are no regional limitations for teams to play exhibition games, participate in tournaments and leagues, provided the team is in a Zone of Return to Play Phase 2 (Zones Orange, Yellow and Green.) All Return to Play protocols for the Zone of host must be followed.

Can players travel outside their Zones to play?

For players in Return to Play Phase 2 (Zones Orange, Yellow and Green) travel is permitted to one of the other Zones within this Phase.

For Red and Grey (Lockdown), no travel to competitions or any Return to Play activities is permitted.

If players or teams are uncertain of their status or what is allowed, they are encouraged to contact the Public Health Unit and seek advice to individuals on attending training.

How do I know which Zone or Public Health Unit I am in?

Ontario Soccer request that all member organizations ensure they know what health unit they are part of.Click hereto find your Public Health Unit.

For clarity, members should use the Ontario Soccer Decision Making Tree, which will help guide you through the process.

Member organizations are encouraged to stay in contact with their localPublic Health Unitand Municipality in the event these organizations implement additional restrictions that may impact their soccer operations.

Ontario Soccer members can find more detail regarding their Zone and Colour at OntarioSoccer.net.

What are the new modified playing rules? Are throw-ins and headers allowed?

Return to Play Rules have been modified to reduce contact between players.

All modifications are listed in the Return to Play Guide under each zone (Page 7-13)

I would like to get a refund for my registration fees from my Club or Academy. They have directed me to contact Ontario Soccer. How do I go about getting a refund?

All refunds for registration payments are managed by Clubs and Academies. If you are seeking a refund, please contact your Club or Academy about their refund policy. Ontario Soccer does not manage the refund process. If you have ongoing concerns with your organization and their refund policy please contact your District Association for more assistance.

How do I stay connected with Ontario Soccer?

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If you have any questions, please contact Patty Forbes, Director of Administration.

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