Introducing: Windsor TFC Performance Camps

Dear All, 

As a district club representative, we're following up on one of our promises for 2021! 

This will be an amazing experience for all participants as we have secured some outstanding international coaches ... and more to be named.  The locations have been identified but yet to be confirmed as we still cannot formally book any facilities due to Covid (we don't foresee a problem however). 

Please reply to Valter or Marco for any information and please forward this to all of the coaches and players who may be interested. Only 120 spots are available. Parents can register their kids ASAP and pay by Feb 28th at the following site:

We're optimistic for 2021 and can't wait to get back on the green grass of Windsor -Essex County!  

More to come on TFC camps, coaching education and tournaments as we get closer to the end of winter. 

Click here for more information

Cheers, Vancho

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