Boys 9

1B9 Amherstburg Fusion00000000
2B9 Belle River FC Black00000000
3B9 Belle River FC Red00000000
4B9 Caboto Stars Black00000000
5B9 Caboto Stars Blue00000000
6B9 Caboto Stars Gold00000000
7B9 Caboto Stars White00000000
8B9 LaSalle Stompers Black00000000
9B9 LaSalle Stompers Girls Black00000000
10B9 LaSalle Stompers Green00000000
11B9 Tecumseh Black00000000
12B9 Windsor Croatia00000000
13B9 WSC Fury00000000

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Playoff - Boys 13
Leamington3 - 2 Belle River

Playoff - Boys 17
Croatia032 - 4 CabotoCeltic
Leamington2 - 3 Hellenic

Playoff - Girls 13
CabotoRyls0 - 1 BelleRiverFC

Playoff - Girls 14
CabotoGold1 - 0 Belle River

Playoff- Girls 16/17
CabotoBD1 - 0 CabotoLn

Senior Men Premier
Leamington3 - 3 Croatia
Ciociaro3 - 3 WSCFury


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