Senior Women

1SW Caboto Strikers12111071145734
2SW Windsor Croatia White128132418625
3SW Tecumseh Blue1281341212025
4SW Tecumseh White125252333-1017
5SW Windsor White Eagles123272128-711
6SW Belle River FC121291139-285
7SW Windsor Croatia Red121110745-384

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1Michelle HUNTERSW Caboto Strikers23
2Emily DITTYSW Tecumseh Blue11
3Giulia BARILESW Caboto Strikers10
4Roni HETZELSW Caboto Strikers9
5Katie MARTINSW Tecumseh Blue8
6Savannah MARRASW Windsor Croatia White8
7Ryan MORNEAU SW Windsor Croatia White7
8Jazmin MARTINSW Caboto Strikers6
9Greta FRATARCANGELISW Windsor White Eagles5
10Jaclyn FRENCHSW Windsor White Eagles5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Stephanie BROOKSSW Windsor Croatia White7
2Laura LECCESW Caboto Strikers3
3Jillian PARLETTESW Tecumseh Blue2
4Kathryn MITREVSKISW Tecumseh Blue2
5Madison JENNINGSSW Tecumseh White2
6Athena DIMARIO-DONESW Windsor White Eagles1
7Kimberly BROWNSW Windsor Croatia Red1

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Playoff - Boys 13
Leamington3 - 2 Belle River

Playoff - Boys 17
Croatia032 - 4 CabotoCeltic
Leamington2 - 3 Hellenic

Playoff - Girls 13
CabotoRyls0 - 1 BelleRiverFC

Playoff - Girls 14
CabotoGold1 - 0 Belle River

Playoff- Girls 16/17
CabotoBD1 - 0 CabotoLn

Senior Men Premier
Leamington3 - 3 Croatia
Ciociaro3 - 3 WSCFury


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