Girls 18

1G18 LaSalle Stompers1292143103329
2G18 Windsor Wheels1270545192621
3G18 Leamington SC United1261542162619
4G18 Windsor Croatia1261531171419
5G18 Amherstburg Fusion1200123102-990

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1Callie MitchellG18 Windsor Wheels12
2Jaclyn MOOREG18 Leamington SC United12
3Alexandra KuharicG18 Windsor Wheels9
4Claire LAZARUSG18 LaSalle Stompers9
5Olivia AUCOING18 LaSalle Stompers9
6Zoe KepranG18 Windsor Wheels8
7Kayla MACERAG18 LaSalle Stompers6
8Vienna MARLOVITSG18 Windsor Croatia6
9Brianna ZAKARIAG18 Leamington SC United5
10Celina SEGUING18 LaSalle Stompers5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Julianne PELLAG18 LaSalle Stompers6
2Chloe VIDAMOURG18 Windsor Croatia5
3Harper MedvedG18 Windsor Wheels3
4Kylie CIOCIG18 Leamington SC United2
5Nicole StengerG18 Windsor Wheels2
6Gabriella DROUILLARDG18 Windsor Croatia1

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Playoff - Boys 13
Leamington3 - 2 Belle River

Playoff - Boys 17
Croatia032 - 4 CabotoCeltic
Leamington2 - 3 Hellenic

Playoff - Girls 13
CabotoRyls0 - 1 BelleRiverFC

Playoff - Girls 14
CabotoGold1 - 0 Belle River

Playoff- Girls 16/17
CabotoBD1 - 0 CabotoLn

Senior Men Premier
Leamington3 - 3 Croatia
Ciociaro3 - 3 WSCFury


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