Girls 14

1G14 Caboto Strikers Gold1513114083240
2G14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black1510325244833
3G14 Belle River FC1593357144330
4G14 Leamington SC United15429744-3714
5G14 LaSalle Stompers 20061522111635-198
6G14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Green151113875-674

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1Jessica DOLLG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black15
2Mackenzie PARENTG14 Belle River FC13
3Sofia ROSATIG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black13
4Claire FERRATOG14 Belle River FC12
5Mia CHARTRANDG14 Caboto Strikers Gold8
6Maddison MCINDOOG14 Caboto Strikers Gold7
7Nadia PUPATELLOG14 Caboto Strikers Gold6
8Sophia BARILEG14 Caboto Strikers Gold6
9Ava GOUDIEG14 Belle River FC5
10Kaia REAUMEG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black5

#PlayerTeam NameShutouts
1Keelie O'DONNELLG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black13
2Sienna BASILEG14 Caboto Strikers Gold10
3Hanna COUVILLONG14 Belle River FC6
4Chelsea CREPG14 Belle River FC4
5Gabriella QUENNEVILLEG14 Leamington SC United4
6Alyssa STOMPG14 LaSalle Stompers 20061
7Caitlin ARTHURG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black1
8Ellie MILLSG14 Caboto Strikers Gold1
9Gwen WAKEMANG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Black1
10Larsa ISHAQG14 Caboto Strikers Gold1
11Nina Zsargo G14 Caboto Strikers Gold1
12Sarah REIDG14 LaSalle Stompers 2005 Green1

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Playoff - Boys 13
Leamington3 - 2 Belle River

Playoff - Boys 17
Croatia032 - 4 CabotoCeltic
Leamington2 - 3 Hellenic

Playoff - Girls 13
CabotoRyls0 - 1 BelleRiverFC

Playoff - Girls 14
CabotoGold1 - 0 Belle River

Playoff- Girls 16/17
CabotoBD1 - 0 CabotoLn

Senior Men Premier
Leamington3 - 3 Croatia
Ciociaro3 - 3 WSCFury


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